THURSDAY/SUNDAY/MONDAY: We are showing all the NFL games LIVE every week!


December 1 – Live music from F.J. Reyes Latin Jazz Group 6-9pm

December 7 – BIA Trolley Holiday First Fridays / Debbie & The Goodman Band 6pm-9pm

December 8 – Long Beach Community Bike Ride / Live music with Ben Tyrrell (@benofhousetyrrell) 6-9pm

December 15 – Solo Artist Ernando Recendez LIVE 6:30-8:30pm

December 20 – “Ugly Sweater Party” with Live Holiday Music from Daisy Perrigan (Time TBA)

December 22 – Live music with Ben Tyrrell (@benofhousetyrrell) 6-9pm

December 24 – Christmas Eve (OPEN)

December 25 – Christmas (CLOSED)

December 29 – “Last Caturday of 2018″

December 31 – New Year’s Eve (OPEN)

We are always adding new events, so feel free to check back here often!
Think we can partner together on an event? Drop us a line in our general inquiries on our contact page.


JUNE 2018

June 1 – Live music from JJ Barry 5:30-8:30pm / First Fridays

June 2 – Live music from Debbie & The Goodman Band 6-9pm

June 5 – Patrick Henry Elementary School Fundraiser 5-8pm

June 7 – Live Music from four artists (Jaszmon, Jusuf, Ashley-Dominique & Blaine) 6-9pm

June 8 DAY – “No Bummer Summer” campaign launch with LB Littles / Live performance and kid-friendly activities 10:30AM-12:30pm

June 8 NIGHT – Nelson Cade III is back 6-9pm

June 9 – SteelCraft Second Saturdays, 1-8pm (Click here for more information.) + Bixby Knolls Summer Saturdays (Theme: Mermaids + Sea Dragons)

June 15 – JJ Barry 5:30-8:30pm

June 16 – DJ Dan and DJ Alan 6-9pm

June 17 – Father’s Day (Menu specials – Smog City Brewing Dad Coffee Porter combo pack)

June 21 – School’s Out for Summer Solstice Party 5-9pm (click here for details)

June 22 – JJ Barry 5:30-8:30pm

June 23 – DJ Green Fuzz 6-9pm + Smog City Brewing releases 3 new beers!

Week of June 25 – World Cup LIVE on TVs

June 29 – JJ Barry 5:30-8:30pm

June 30 – “Last Caturdays” with DJ Hell Cat 6-9pm

JULY 2018

July 4 – OPEN 7am-5pm (See individual vendor hours here.)

July 5 – Live music with Ben Tyrrell (@benofhousetyrrell) 6-9pm

July 6 – First Fridays; JJ Barry 5:30-8:30pm

July 12 – Live music with Ben Tyrrell (@benofhousetyrrell) 6-9pm

July 13 – Live music with Nelson Cade III 6-9pm

July 14 – SteelCraft Second Saturdays, 1-8pm (Click here for more information.) + Bixby Knolls Summer Saturdays (Vintage Car Theme)

July 19 – Live music with Ben Tyrrell (@benofhousetyrrell) 6-9pm

July 20 – DJ Dan & Alan Vinyl Set 6-9pm

July 27 – DJ Green Fuzz 6-9pm

July 28 – Last Caturdays with DJs Hell Cat and Verdilak 6-9pm


August 3 – First Fridays / JJ Barry 5:30-8:30pm

August 4 – Live Jazz by Bloomset Swing 6-9:30pm (@fishchiesa)

August 9 – Ben Tyrrell 6p-9pm (@benofhousetyrrell)

August 10 – Nelson Cade III 6pm-9pm (@nelsoncade3)

August 11 – SteelCraft Second Saturdays, 1-8pm (Click here for more information.) + Bixby Knolls Summer Saturdays (Theme: Weird Science)

August 16 – “Soul Cypher” Local Artist Showcase, 5pm-9pm (@soulcypher)

August 17 – DJ Dan & Co. All Vinyl, 6pm-9pm

August 18 – Daisy Perrigan LIVE acoustic, 6pm-9pm (@whoopsiedaisy)

August 21 – Kids N Kanvases: Kid’s Social Arts Club/Date Night, 6pm-8pm ($15 pre-sale tickets available here. $20 at the door.)

August 21 – Kids ‘N Kanvases “Social Arts Club” 6p-8pm

August 23 – Ben Tyrrell 6p-9pm

August 24 – Debbie + Goodman Band 6-9pm

August 25 – Last Caturdays + LB Animal Services Fundraiser “Music for mutts…and cats” 6-9:30pm

August 30 – JJ Barry 5:30-8:30pm

August 31 – Ben Tyrrell 6-9pm


September 1 – DJ 6-9pm with live music by Something Hit 7-8pm (@somethinghitmusic)

September 4 – Labor Day (Open 6am-9pm)

Labor Day Vendor Hours:
Smog City Brewing: 11am-9pm
Pig Pen Delicacy: 11am-8pm
Tajima Ramen: 11:30am-9pm
DeSano Pizza: 11am-9pm
Steelhead Coffee: 6am-7pm
Waffle Love: 8am-9pm
The Fresh Shave: 12-8pm

September 7 – Live music from JJ Barry 5:30-8:30pm / First Fridays

September 8 – SteelCraft Second Saturdays Night Market 3-8pm (Click here for more information.)

September 9 – “California Love” Smog City Brewing New Beer Release

September 13 – California-themed Music Night by Soul Cypher 5-9pm

September 14 – DJ Green Fuzz 6-9pm

September 15 – Live music from Sweet Dreams Priscilla 6-9pm

September 20 – Putt Putt in the Knolls 5-8pm (Click here for more information or check out @leadershiplb on Instagram.) / Live music by Nelson Cade III 5-8pm

September 21 – DJ Dan/Alan 6-9pm

September 22 – DJ Division Alegre (@divisionalegre) 6-9pm

September 28th – Live music with Ben Tyrrell (@benofhousetyrrell) 6-9pm

September 29 – Last Caturdays with DJ Hell Cat (@hell_cat_69) 6-9pm


October 3 – Coffee with a Cop 10-11:30am

October 4 – Private Event (Closed to Public) 1:30-5pm

October 5 – Live music from JJ Barry 5:30-8:30pm / First Fridays / Bixby Knolls “Arts Month” Kick-Off / Trolley 6:30-9:30pm / Face Painting benefiting Long Beach Miller Children’s Hospital

October 6 – Octoberfest 2018 2-8pm / Exclusive beer releases / Limited edition menu items / Live music and more!

October 13 – Ben Tyrrell (@benofhousetyrrell) live 6-9pm

October 19 – DJ Dan 6-9pm

October 20 – Live music from Debbie & the Goodman Band 6-9pm

October 23 – Game 1 World Series 5:09pm

October 24 – Game 2 World Series 5:09pm

October 26 – Game 3 World Series with SOUND ON 5:09pm

October 27 – Black “Caturdays” with DJ Hell Cat / Halloween Costume Contest 6-9pm

October 30 – Macaroni Kid Halloween Party MOMster Bash 3-7pm (Click here for more information.)


November 2 – Día de los Muertos Event (“Coco” Movie Screening, Memorial, and Face Painting) 5-8pm

November 10 – Live music with Ben Tyrrell (@benofhousetyrrell) 6-9pm

November 11 – Veterans Day (Vendors will be offering specials for Veterans including $1 off full pours at Smog City)

November 16 – DJ Dan & Alan spinning ALL vinyl records 6-9pm

November 21 – “Parent & Me” Paint Night with Kids N Kanvases 4-5:30pm (Must purchase advance tickets HERE) and 6-8:30pm (SOLD OUT); Nelson Cade III 6-8:30pm

November 22 – Thanksgiving Day (Steelhead Coffee open 8am-1pm; All other vendors closed all day for the holiday.)

November 23 – Black Friday with DJ Division Alegre 6-9pm

November 24 – Small Biz Saturday meets Last Caturdays with DJ Hell Cat 6-9pm

November 30 – Live music from JJ Barry 6-9pm

SteelCraft Garden Grove is coming soon.


SteelCraft Bellflower is coming soon.