THURSDAY/SUNDAY/MONDAY: We are showing all the NFL games LIVE every week!


November 2 – Día de los Muertos Event (“Coco” Movie Screening, Memorial, and Face Painting) 5-8pm

November 10 – Live music with Ben Tyrrell (@benofhousetyrrell) 6-9pm

November 11 – Veterans Day (Vendors will be offering specials for Veterans including $1 off full pours at Smog City)

November 16 – DJ Dan & Alan spinning ALL vinyl records 6-9pm

November 21 – “Parent & Me” Paint Night with Kids N Kanvases 4-5:30pm (Must purchase advance tickets HERE) and 6-8:30pm (SOLD OUT); Nelson Cade III 6-8:30pm

November 22 – Thanksgiving Day (Steelhead Coffee open 7am-1pm; All other vendors closed all day for the holiday.)

We are always adding new events, so feel free to check back here often!
Think we can partner together on an event? Drop us a line in our general inquiries on our contact page.


JUNE 2018

June 1 – Live music from JJ Barry 5:30-8:30pm / First Fridays

June 2 – Live music from Debbie & The Goodman Band 6-9pm

June 5 – Patrick Henry Elementary School Fundraiser 5-8pm

June 7 – Live Music from four artists (Jaszmon, Jusuf, Ashley-Dominique & Blaine) 6-9pm

June 8 DAY – “No Bummer Summer” campaign launch with LB Littles / Live performance and kid-friendly activities 10:30AM-12:30pm

June 8 NIGHT – Nelson Cade III is back 6-9pm

June 9 – SteelCraft Second Saturdays, 1-8pm (Click here for more information.) + Bixby Knolls Summer Saturdays (Theme: Mermaids + Sea Dragons)

June 15 – JJ Barry 5:30-8:30pm

June 16 – DJ Dan and DJ Alan 6-9pm

June 17 – Father’s Day (Menu specials – Smog City Brewing Dad Coffee Porter combo pack)

June 21 – School’s Out for Summer Solstice Party 5-9pm (click here for details)

June 22 – JJ Barry 5:30-8:30pm

June 23 – DJ Green Fuzz 6-9pm + Smog City Brewing releases 3 new beers!

Week of June 25 – World Cup LIVE on TVs

June 29 – JJ Barry 5:30-8:30pm

June 30 – “Last Caturdays” with DJ HellCat 6-9pm

JULY 2018

July 4 – OPEN 7am-5pm (See individual vendor hours here.)

July 5 – Live music with Ben Tyrrell (@benofhousetyrrell) 6-9pm

July 6 – First Fridays; JJ Barry 5:30-8:30pm

July 12 – Live music with Ben Tyrrell (@benofhousetyrrell) 6-9pm

July 13 – Live music with Nelson Cade III 6-9pm

July 14 – SteelCraft Second Saturdays, 1-8pm (Click here for more information.) + Bixby Knolls Summer Saturdays (Vintage Car Theme)

July 19 – Live music with Ben Tyrrell (@benofhousetyrrell) 6-9pm

July 20 – DJ Dan & Alan Vinyl Set 6-9pm

July 27 – DJ Green Fuzz 6-9pm

July 28 – Last Caturdays with DJs Hellcat and Verdilak 6-9pm


August 3 – First Fridays / JJ Barry 5:30-8:30pm

August 4 – Live Jazz by Bloomset Swing 6-9:30pm (@fishchiesa)

August 9 – Ben Tyrrell 6p-9pm (@benofhousetyrrell)

August 10 – Nelson Cade III 6pm-9pm (@nelsoncade3)

August 11 – SteelCraft Second Saturdays, 1-8pm (Click here for more information.) + Bixby Knolls Summer Saturdays (Theme: Weird Science)

August 16 – “Soul Cypher” Local Artist Showcase, 5pm-9pm (@soulcypher)

August 17 – DJ Dan & Co. All Vinyl, 6pm-9pm

August 18 – Daisy Perrigan LIVE acoustic, 6pm-9pm (@whoopsiedaisy)

August 21 – Kids N Kanvases: Kid’s Social Arts Club/Date Night, 6pm-8pm ($15 pre-sale tickets available here. $20 at the door.)

August 21 – Kids ‘N Kanvases “Social Arts Club” 6p-8pm

August 23 – Ben Tyrrell 6p-9pm

August 24 – Debbie + Goodman Band 6-9pm

August 25 – Last Caturdays + LB Animal Services Fundraiser “Music for mutts…and cats” 6-9:30pm

August 30 – JJ Barry 5:30-8:30pm

August 31 – Ben Tyrrell 6-9pm


September 1 – DJ 6-9pm with live music by Something Hit 7-8pm (@somethinghitmusic)

September 4 – Labor Day (Open 6am-9pm)

Labor Day Vendor Hours:
Smog City Brewing: 11am-9pm
Pig Pen Delicacy: 11am-8pm
Tajima Ramen: 11:30am-9pm
DeSano Pizza: 11am-9pm
Steelhead Coffee: 6am-7pm
Waffle Love: 8am-9pm
The Fresh Shave: 12-8pm

September 7 – Live music from JJ Barry 5:30-8:30pm / First Fridays

September 8 – SteelCraft Second Saturdays Night Market 3-8pm (Click here for more information.)

September 9 – “California Love” Smog City Brewing New Beer Release

September 13 – California-themed Music Night by Soul Cypher 5-9pm

September 14 – DJ Green Fuzz 6-9pm

September 15 – Live music from Sweet Dreams Priscilla 6-9pm

September 20 – Putt Putt in the Knolls 5-8pm (Click here for more information or check out @leadershiplb on Instagram.) / Live music by Nelson Cade III 5-8pm

September 21 – DJ Dan/Alan 6-9pm

September 22 – DJ Division Alegre (@divisionalegre) 6-9pm

September 28th – Live music with Ben Tyrrell (@benofhousetyrrell) 6-9pm

September 29 – Last Caturdays with DJ Hellcat (@hell_cat_69) 6-9pm


October 3 – Coffee with a Cop 10-11:30am

October 4 – Private Event (Closed to Public) 1:30-5pm

October 5 – Live music from JJ Barry 5:30-8:30pm / First Fridays / Bixby Knolls “Arts Month” Kick-Off / Trolley 6:30-9:30pm / Face Painting benefiting Long Beach Miller Children’s Hospital

October 6 – Octoberfest 2018 2-8pm / Exclusive beer releases / Limited edition menu items / Live music and more!

October 13 – Ben Tyrrell (@benofhousetyrrell) live 6-9pm

October 19 – DJ Dan 6-9pm

October 20 – Live music from Debbie & the Goodman Band 6-9pm

October 23 – Game 1 World Series 5:09pm

October 24 – Game 2 World Series 5:09pm

October 26 – Game 3 World Series with SOUND ON 5:09pm

October 27 – Black “Caturdays” with DJ Hellcat / Halloween Costume Contest 6-9pm

October 30 – Macaroni Kid Halloween Party MOMster Bash 3-7pm (Click here for more information.)

SteelCraft Garden Grove is coming soon.


SteelCraft Bellflower is coming soon.